The Project

Pair Fonts is a free tool that was created for anyone interested in discovering Fonts and their combinations. It is currently in ALPHA version.

You can also discover new and very old free fonts. Some of the fonts provide language support to very rare (archaic) languages.

New fonts will be uploaded constantly. You can find all the fonts used and download them for free, from the auto-generated links here at Pair Fonts.

You can find news and articles about fonts and typography on our blog or new font effects here.

In case your are facing any problems with the display of the fonts, try a modern browser.


  1. Create as many text fields (boxes) as you like and fill in your test text
  2. Select the font directly from the list either by using the search or by using category filters.
  3. Select the text field you want and edit the size, spacing, alignment, line height or color.
  4. Add a random image as a background and save your creation.
  5. If you want to discover new combinations automatically, simply press the button Random Combination

- There are no bad fonts, only bad designers

About Pair Fonts