9 things to avoid when using fonts (especially if you are a beginner)

Date: 21/1/2020, Author: G.P.

If you are a junior web designer then you are probably going to make mistakes in your effort to make your web pages stand out. Experience plays an important role in your decisions when it comes to selecting and using fonts in your websites.

The following suggestions are created to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes people do, when they start out.

So let’s start:

things to avoid

1.Start with the basics

Especially when starting out, try to select fonts that are clear or let’s say ‘simple’. Default fonts can work out great also.

2. Don’t overdo it

Try not to mix more than two or three fonts. This will make your content complicated and the user will lose focus of your content.

3. Create contrast

Try to use colors that stand out of the background. Make your titles easily distinct and don’t use ‘ultra thin’ versions of fonts for your main content especially if you have to make an afford to read it. Actually, reading should be as easy as possible.

4. Select font size wisely

Don’t just use any font size for your content. Font size affects readability greatly. So, make your content easy to read or, even better, base your various font sizes on a typographic scale.

5. Combining the wrong fonts

Not all fonts can work together. A simple rule of thumb is to choose one sans-serif and one serif font (one for your headings and one for your content). Use them in any order you see fit.

6. Do not overemphasize

Even though semantics are great for search engines, sometimes are not good for people. Too many underlines, italic and bold fonts can create confusion.

7. Custom scaling

Yeeah… This is still happening, unfortunately. Do not mess with the font’s width (stretch or condense).  Use condensed fonts if you like and try not to change the letter-spacing of your main content.

8. Space problems….

Line-height: Too close or too far away are both a problem.
Double spacing sentences is also wrong.
Align content left with small exceptions is specific cases that will not hurt your content’s readability and go back to left again.

9. Stop using effects

3D, gradients, text shadows and embossed effects can go.


These are some of the most common mistakes due to lack of experience (do not use comic sans). If you had to keep one rule then you should just remember to Keep it simple. That’s it. Do not try to create something fancy just for the sake of it. Pay attention to the details, focus on the content and try to not create obstacles to the user.