Movement - A variable font Based on Laban movement analysis

Date: 7/1/2020, Author: G.P.

Movement font is the creation of Noel Pretorius and Maria Ramos, in collaboration with Andile Vellem. It is a font developed based on the movement of the human body and specifically, on the dance moves of Andile Vellem.

A creative font needs a creative medium to be expressed. Dance is a form of art and its motions a way of expression. By tracking Andile’s movements, Movement font was created!

It is a variable font that consists of 4 design extremes: Direct Black, Direct Thin, Indirect Black, Indirect Thin, that represent Direct-Indirect space and Strong-Light weight, as described by Rudolf Laban movement analysis.

It is, really, a fascinating experiment with a beautiful result.
You can download the font from NM Type website.

Movement Font
Movement Font
Movement Font 2